What We Do

IBEW/NECA is leading the installation of EV infrastructure throughout Missouri.

In the era of the “Electrification of Everything,” the IBEW/NECA partnership is an indispensable resource to business, civic and residential living in the St. Louis area and eastern Missouri.

IBEW/NECA excels at safely and proficiently delivering highly complex projects

It advances initiatives that fortify the electrical and communications technology industry and the communities IBEW/NECA serves, including:

  • Training CenterInvesting more than $3 million annually in training the workforce of the future.  Since founding its IBEW/NECA Electrical Industry Training Center more than 80 years ago, the IBEW/NECA partnership has trained more electricians/communication technicians than any other program in Missouri.
  • Pioneering new training and continuing education programs to keep pace with ever advancing electrical/communication needs.  This includes the nation’s foundational Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) that supports the growing EV market. It also constantly updates curriculum to support advanced manufacturing, data centers, healthcare, higher education, residential, renewable energy, traditional forms of energy and more.
  • Actively recruiting a diverse workforce to power the future. 
  • IBEW/NECA delivers projects under all conditions

    Advocating adherence to the National Electrical Code to ensure installations are safe and function optimally.
  • Strategic leadership in civic/business organizations to ensure the region enjoys the full benefits of our contractors and highly skilled and safe workforce.
  • Striving always for excellence – more than 100 IBEW/NECA projects have been honored in the prestigious AGC Keystone Awards.
  • Orchestrating charitable and volunteer initiatives that make St. Louis a better place to live.

Over the years, the Electrical Connection has been honored with several awards including Construction Forum’s Building Tomorrow Award in 2016 for its training programs, the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers Inclusion Award in 2018 for its diversity initiatives and the Missouri Show Me Service Award in 2022 for its dedication to community improvement.

  • IBEW/NECA is the “go-to” source for traditional and renewable energy
  • IBEW/NECA gives back to the communities it serves.
  • IBEW/NECA powers advanced manufacturing

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