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Electrican project managing in hard hat

Optimizing skilled labor productivity, solution-oriented engineering and dedication to safety are the hallmarks of Electrical Connection contractors. It all unfolds in our proficiencies in building information modeling (BIM).

BIM is now part of the IBEW/NECA Electrical Industry Training Center’s curriculum. It provides greater spatial coordination to construction projects. It also enhances continuity and clarity by integrating scheduling, budget and constructability into the design and planning process. Both IBEW and NECA contractors embrace BIM as a tool to help efficiently advance projects.

Our contractors skillfully manage projects through precision engineering and adapt drawings to meet job-specific needs.  Our project managers leverage the full value of IBEW skills and safety to deliver maximum productivity on the job, advancing project momentum and savings costs. 

Electrician working on computer We thoughtfully approach every challenge to develop the right solution to maintain schedules and budgets.  Our vast experience in all types of field installations is invaluable in spotting potential conflicts and functionality issues. 

Whether it’s a new home, remodel project, lighting issue, office, warehouse, healthcare, industrial or school project, our project management ensures it’s delivered with no surprises. Learn more about our contractors’ proficiencies by visiting our contractor directory.

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