Electrician in hard hat working on a home

Electrical Connection members have been powering homes for more than 110 years.

Through each decade, our residential electricians have installed wiring and electrical systems to serve ever evolving lifestyle needs including energy efficient lighting, smart home technology, advanced environmental controls including heating and air conditioning, electronic devices, voice/data/video and all home electrical services that define modern living.

Whether it’s new construction of home, condo or apartment or a remodeling project, the Electrical Connection is your single source for the most reliable electricians and quality contractors. You can be assured that all our installations comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC). Homes built to NEC standards are electrically safe and fully functional. And when it comes time to sell your home, the NEC standard ensures it will pass local inspection.

+5 Protection PlanTo find a residential contractor employing our highly skilled and safe electricians, visit our “Find a Contractor” page. There you will find the best talent to not only build your home, but expand your living space, modernize your electrical service, install new fixtures, replace outlets and switches, or perform any home electrical improvement. New home buyers can also get extra value with our Free +5 New Homeowners Electrical Protection Plan.

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