Solar Energy/Energy Conservation

Solar panels

Homeowners are more energy conscious these day and many are taking advantage of incentives to install renewable energy systems, such as solar panels.

But whether it’s solar, wind or geothermal, the return on investment can only be maximized by choosing reliable systems and installing them correctly. Electrical Connection contractors are experts in evaluating the best renewable energy system for your home and planning and managing its installation using our highly-skilled and safe electricians.

For solar installations, our contractors will perform a home energy audit to select the best system for your house. Then we will evaluate your property for solar installation, factoring in shading (it may be necessary to remove trees), properly site your solar panels to optimize sunlight harvesting and install your system, including the technology to monitor its efficiency.

Electrical Connection contractors can also help you understand the various incentives available to help reduce the cost of renewable energy systems to deliver a maximum return on your investment. This includes Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs for homeowners.

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