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There are innumerable ways to cut corners and deliver a shoddy installation, including using poorly made parts and materials. Fully verifying the source of materials by using reliable suppliers is absolutely essential.

According to Electrical Contractor Magazine, counterfeit parts are a serious issue in the construction industry. “Using counterfeit electrical and safety products can pose major unexpected occupational risks. Products, such as knockoff circuit breakers, extension cords and surge protectors, are usually made without any attempt to meet minimal safety testing requirements or product standards. Poorly replicated wiring, infrastructure and switches have been found on construction projects. Overheating and short circuits are likely to occur, leading to electrical fires, shock, electrocution and even explosions, causing significant damage to people and property in the workplace.”

Green cordNECA contractors use reliable suppliers to ensure the products installed on your project will function optimally and not become a safety issue. We ensure that all wiring for your new home, office or facility complies with all the safety standards and local city, county or state codes using the best practices, proper materials and tools.

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