Advanced Manufacturing

Vehicles in a factory

Increased automation in the manufacturing sector requires the special skills honed by IBEW/NECA for decades as it built, powered and renovated factories.  The partnership's work in the manufacturing sector has been honored 9 times in the AGC Construction Keystone Awards

These skills were essential to transforming manufacturing facilities to serve a war economy in World War II. Later, it served a burgeoning post-war economy building auto plants, aerospace, food & beverage and other manufacturing facilities. IBEW/NECA team on new facilities and retrofits. We engineer and install all facets of the manufacturing process including:

  • Robotics
  • Process Controls
  • Instrumentation
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Sensors
  • Specialized installations including explosion-proof conduit systems and heat- and vibration-resistant fixtures and anchors.
  • High voltage duct banks

Robotics in a manufacturing facilityWe excel at managing our highly skilled labor to deliver maximum productivity during plant shutdowns for retrofits. As we manage the accelerated schedules during shutdowns, we are ever mindful of safety and work with other trades and contractors to mitigate hazards.

Our diligent commissioning services ensure optimal functionality as we thoroughly test installations, including high and low voltage testing of cable insulation, infrared testing to detect heat in electrical connections, seismic testing, ground grid integrity and more.

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