10 Ways Electrical Connection Can Help with Your Next Renewable Energy Project

1. More than just proficient, a workforce of true professionals –

Already highly productive, yet committed to continuously upgrading skills in continuing education courses at the St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center.

2. We can identify financial assistance resources –

with strong partnerships that can provide access to financial opportunities.

3. The best electricians in Missouri –

with a mandatory education base of 1,000 hours of classroom training and five years of supervised on-the-job training.

4. We help projects gain traction and thrive in communities –

from concept to construction to installation, we energize new green developments and then maintain them to keep producing environmental benefits.

5. The best renewable energy contractors in Missouri –

licensed, financially stable and insured with project management skills so exceptional and all-encompassing that many routinely procure work nationally and internationally.

6. We know where to find sources of government funding for specific projects –

such as state and federal incentives, grants and low interest loans.

7. The St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center –

nationally recognized, award-winning and the largest accredited resource for training electricians and communication technicians in the Midwest.

8. Our long-standing relationship with local, regional and state governments as subject experts –

means that we know zoning, permitting and code compliance provisions inside-out and can help spare your project from preventable, regulation-related delays.

9. The high-tech craft workers your project needs are ready now –

due to a $2million annual investment in training, including 76 specialized courses on renewable energy covering solar solar-thermal, wind, geo-thermal and hydro.

10. Mastering and disseminating new technology is old hat to us –

with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations a current example. Right now, we are working with EV manufacturers, automakers, utilities and regulators to develo pa cohesive national standard. Once it is set, we’ll be training the trainers on the details.

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